2004 Camp Information

Overnight Camper
Day Camper
University of La Verne
1950 3rd. Street, La Verne, CA 91750
July 22nd, 23rd, 24th & 25th

Limited enrollment at all camps. Registration begins at 2:00 PM on July 22 for all overnight campers and 4:00 PM for a day campers. Camp cost includes: Field instruction, film analysis, charting, drills and lectures, T-shirt and meals (housing provided for overnight campers only). Activities at all camps are non-contact. Please bring a minimum of three footballs marked with your name, a kicking block (high school only), kick-off tee, football cleats, sack lunch, snacks and water to camp.

Registration deadline 6/4/2004. For more information or to have a brochure mailed to you, please call Mark Potocki @ (909) 593-3511 ext. 4847 or John Stonehouse @ (805) 445-TKG1.



" The Kicking Game's coaching staff and personalized instruction helped me to get a scholarship to UCLA. I would recommend The Kicking Game to any and all kickers because it is a very effective tool when learning to kick" - Chris Kluwe, HS All-American, Full Scholarship to UCLA


In our twelfth year, The Kicking Game looks forward again to producing top kickers and punters from our developmental camps. From our camps, players have gone on to play at Stanford, Oregon, Washington State, Syracuse, USC, UCLA, Arizona, Oregon State and may other Divison One schools (see list below).

There are two important aspects to The Kicking Game's total learning process that each camper appreciates apart from any other camp: a proven camp format and the wide range of skills covered.

Our camp summer camp format is divided into three specific areas. First, we break down each individual kicker and punter to the very basics. Our goal is to give each player a firm understanding of the principles behind kicking and punter. Second, we incorporate each players natural abilities with the fundamental skills taught in the first part of camp. In our opinion, this is why our camp has been so successful. Many other camps either demand that a player only use one certain technique or do not teach any particular technique at all and only adjust a players existing form. TKG believes that a sound base, combined with a players own skills and body type, produces the best overall kicker and punter. Once we have successfully combined the first two areas, we then will begin to teach each player the most advanced techniques that will separate them from all the rest. At that time, the TKG staff will break down both kicking and punting into very specific sections. We will analyze and train each section intensely. Besides just analyzing and training each part, we will demonstrate specific drills that target these areas and can be used while training year-round. Using this camp format, we have found that kickers and punters are able to learn quickly, and more importantly, able to apply these new skills immediately.

As for the wide range of skills covered during camp, The Kicking Game places a strong emphasis on adjusting body mechanics and alignment, balance, increasing leg speed, improving consistency, distance and hang-time, and psychological approaches to kicking and punting.

The camps will utilize both on and off the field instruction. On the field, each player will be given in-depth instructions, visual aids, and demonstrations by our staff. Of the field, each kickers progress will be analyzed and charted by stop action video. Video analysis is a very good learning tool to analyze and point out the many intricacies of kicking and punting. Following the camp, each player will have the tools and confidence to perform with the best.

We look forward to seeing you at camp!


TKG College Players

(2) Stanford
(2) Michigan
(7) USC
(4) Washington State
(2) Utah State
(2) UCLA
Kansas State
(2) Oregon
Arizona State
Northern Arizona
UC Berkeley
Oklahoma State
San Diego State University
Notre Dame
(2) UNLV
Alcorn St.
Idaho State
UC Davis
Air Force
Cal Poly
University of La Verne
(3) San Jose State
Chico State
Oregon State

Over 4.1 million dollars in scholarships given to TKG players