The Kicking game provides year-round, full time service with winter, spring and summer camps and private instruction. Over the years, Head Instructors Paul and John Stonehouse and their staff have worked with thousands of kickers and punters at all levels. Through this experience, Paul and John have developed and mastered new and improved methods to kicking and punting. At each camp and private lesson, not only do we explain and demonstrate our techniques on a personal level, but we also model our methods to meet with each player's abilities. Our methods have proven to be very successful. In just eleven years, we have already placed many of our athletes into the college ranks and developed two NFL kickers and thirty two NFL trainees. TKG standout Rian Lindell has kicked for the Seattle Seahawks (3 Years) and Buffalo Bills (1 Year) the past four years and made over 73.5% of his field goals with a long of 54 yards.

Our progressive teaching system goes far beyond the "head down and follow through" method of instruction. The techniques employed at each camp and private lesson are supported by exhaustive research in the bio-mechanics laboratory, field observation, and film analysis. - The instructors at each camp are selected by Head Instructors Paul and John Stonehouse, and have been trained under the kicking and punting techniques which The Kicking Game employs. All senior instructors are kicking in college or have in the past. Our instructors are selected not only on their ability to demonstrate each technique on the field, but also on how well they can incorporate our proven techniques into each camper's routine.

In addition to the benefits of The Kicking Game's proven techniques and qualified instructors, our personalized camp format ensures an excellent student to instructor ratio. This allows for greater personalized instruction and in-depth analysis of each player. - The Kicking Game's "hands-on" approach gives you the opportunity to have a successful football career, as well as, move to the next level of competition. No other service has gone to such great lengths to assure it's students of success.