Paul and John Stonehouse

Founder and Head Camp Directors, Paul and John Stonehouse, have studied and mastered the art of Kicking and Punting for the past 19 years. Paul Stonehouse, in the span of his first eight years as a kicker and punter, was named an All-American, Kicker of the Eighties, and a three time Academic All Pac-10 Punter at Stanford. John Stonehouse was also named to the All-American Team and a Two Time All-Pac 10 Punter at USC. He finished his career at USC ranked 8th in the nation. In 1996, John was signed by the New York Giants.

Over the last eleven years, Paul and John have taken their knowledge of kicking and punting and created the best instructional program of its kind. Their new methods of teaching, along with their progressive camp structure has produced some of the most successful kickers and punters at all levels of competition. Paul and John understand the commitment it takes to be successful, and they display their commitment when working with each student.

Paul and John Stonehouse, native Californians, played for the Loyola Cubs of Los Angeles. From Loyola, Paul earned a full scholorship to Stanford University and John earned a full scholarship to USC. Paul and John Stonehouse were both the starting varsity punters at Stanford and USC for all four years.

John Stonehouse
Paul Stonehouse